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Product of Italy

Limoncello Liqueur

Add a beam of sunlight to cocktails and cooking. Inspired by the rich traditions of Italy, Il Tramonto Limoncello is inspired by a century-old family recipe and sourced from Sicily, which is known for its sun-ripened, juicy lemons.

Add a splash to a spritz or go the traditional route and sip it chilled on a sunny day for a taste of la dolce vita.

Flavor notes

The refreshing lemon flavor with a kiss of sweetness is always bright and inspiring, never boring.

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Gluten Free. Natural Ingredients. Vegan. Sustainable Certified.

Gluten Free. Natural Ingredients. Vegan. Sustainable Certified.

Gluten Free. Natural Ingredients. Vegan. Sustainable Certified.

Authentically Italian. Exceptionally delicious.

Il Tramonto™ Limoncello owes its origins to the rosoli drinks made in the convents, where delicate liqueurs were made from fruits, spices and aromatic plants. Created in the rich tradition of Italy, lush lemons are blended with balanced sweetness. Bright and fresh like the sunset this limoncello is named.

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  • "Sunshine in a Bottle"

& citrus

IL Tramonto Garden Limoncello Spritz


  • 1 oz IL Tramonto Limoncello
  • 1 slice cucumber
  • 3 sprigs mint, plus more for garnish
  • 2 oz prosecco
  • Splash sparkling water
  • Garnish: lemon slice


Add cucumber and mint (slapped) to a cocktail glass. Add IL Tramonto Limoncello and use a spoon to gently muddle the mint and cucumber. Add ice, prosecco and a splash of sparkling water to the glass and stir. Garnish with mint and lemon.⁠


Raspberry Lemonade

Limoncello & Cranberry

Sunny Citrus Margarita

Bourbon Limoncello

Limoncello Sunrise

How it’s made

Transport yourself to Sicily

The finest quality lemons are grown in this region, famous for their vibrant, citrusy taste and large size. The lemons have few seeds, minimizing tart bitterness, and the pulp is so rich in flavor that you can smell the sweetness through the skin. The rinds are steeped in grain neutral spirits to extract the oils from the skin, distilled, and sweetened with sugar for a deliciously tart liqueur experience called Il Tramonto Limoncello.

Italian Tradition


Premium crafted.

How we make Limoncello

  • Amaretto

    A sweet Italian bitter almond liqueur.

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